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(My posts are intended for an Adult audience so content and images might be NSFW

cropped-flower-in-rain-wallpaper-hd-backgrounds.jpgHello and welcome to my little garden of Transition to womanhood. Here are my experiences and changes my mind and body are going through as I transition from male to female


My name is Eden Rain, and I’m a Transgender Woman. I came out February 2017 and started my Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) transition June 16th 2017.

I made this bloq originally for myself as a way to document my physical changes as I transition. But after a while I figure I would share more of my experiences for anyone that’s considering transitioning, is currently transitioning, the Trans curious or interested, and anyone with depression, or those who can maybe relate. It’s a look into my life and I’m presenting my first 6 Months of daily entries as weeks to start.

**This is a open look into my life, each entry I try to list what changes I have noticed physically and mentally. My first sets of entries I wrote mainly about just my physical changes. As I wrote more I felt I needed to include how I’m feeling so I can record my mental state and its changes too. I write whats mostly whats on my mind at that given moment, my entries are not censored and some might find them weird, angry, political, very depressive, and self loathing. I’m not trying to offend anyone but this is my life, my stress, what I’m experiencing. I don’t talk about every detail so some nuances to what I’m talking about might be left out. I’m in no way trying to make it as my stress is the worst in the world or I some how have it worse then anyone. I’m not entitled and I’m not complaining, this is just a record of how I’m feeling and some views into my life and what I’m thinking. I know others have it worse and I’m grateful and thankful for what I have.

So here for your reading pleasure I present my random thoughts and feels on transition and other stuff.

Yes I have typos, Yes sometimes I can’t speel (being funny I know its spell), Yes my punctuation lacks but hope everyone will look past it and can hopefully understand my rantings and enjoy 😉

Thanks for read and much love



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